The Auto License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) was founded in 1954. The first 100 members were deemed to be original charter members (member numbers 1-100). It took until June 1955 for that to happen. As far as is known, all but two of the charter members are now deceased. There are a handful we are ot sure of. Here is the list of the collectors and the jurisdication they were associated with at last report:

  1. Cecil W. George, Founder - MA/FL - HALL OF FAME 2004
  2. Asa P. Colby, NH/FL - HALL OF FAME 2004
  3. Winston C. Norcross, MA
  4. Percy E. Young, ME
  5. Roger D. Griffin, MA
  6. Glenn Tucker, NH
  7. Phillip Hatch, VT
  8. Ray K. Hanscom, ME
  9. William R. Long, NS
  10. Winfred E. Wilkins, NH
  11. Ortho Farrington, ME
  12. Robert W. Brown, NH
  13. Jesse Drake, AZ
  14. Robert L. Ward, PA (former editor&sec/treas) HALL OF FAME 2009
  15. Alfred Ward, NY
  16. Robert Schill, NH
  17. Roy Carson, NV - (former editor) HALL OF FAME 2004
  18. Shib B. Pixley, NY
  19. Ralph Perkins, MA
  20. Maynard Marquis, IL
  21. Edward J. Rife, PA
  22. Robert N. Tuthill, MA
  23. Carl Sweiven, MN
  24. Eddie Greer, OK
  25. Thomas M. Chilton, MA/DE
  26. Joseph M Lewis, PA
  27. Sidney M. Strong, MN
  28. Gerald E. Albert, OH
  29. Harry C. Hill, MI
  30. Philip A. Baker, FL
  31. Clarence Warner, OR
  32. Robert E. Linville, IA
  33. John L. Hook, FL
  34. Carl F. Arnold, CA - Began collecting in 1939 - First West Coast Member
  35. Howard L. Moore, VA
  36. Tommy Milner, KY
  37. Dr. F. Lawton Barrows, MA
  38. Paul W. Drake, MI
  39. Richard B. Burtt, NH
  40. Jim Herman, CT
  41. Arthur H. Moser, TN (father of #42)
  42. Donald Moser, TN (living as of 2016)
  43. Charles P. Carman, NY
  44. Elisabeth LaVoie, MA
  45. Robert L. Noble, MO
  46. Edward E. Dietz, NE
  47. Muriel Wentzel, NS
  48. Grant Deahl, WV
  49. J.O. Ruegg, CA
  50. Clarence E. Titus, PA (1st to complete all 48 state "runs")