Thank you for checking us out. The 14th edition of License Plate Values is now available in state format, for Louisiana.

**Costs of publication have risen so much recently that to hold or even roll back our prices, we must limit the scope and size of what we offer. Gus Oliver has the 50 state and Canadian update, and you can purchase it directly from him.

License Plate Values was always intended to be taken in conjunction with other historical information, such as the state-by-state coverage found in Plates Magazine, and/or the on-line archives maintained by the Auto License Plate Collectors Association.

The information you traditionally expect for Louisiana is incuded, from first state issue through 2019. State police troop district map and other information is in the new Louisiana book.

This publication is more oriented to traditional collectors. For dealers and bulk sales, we include some information on bulk pricing but that is not our true purpose.

Collectors and accumulators of license plates have many motivations. Mostly we just love license plates. But we don't live forever. Estates frequently have such items within them, and the owners often left no instructions or hints to heirs giving assistance in the disposition.

We offer our regional 14th Edition License Plate Values:

State Edition - Louisiana - $25.00 including economy shipping. You may upgrade to priority mail for an additional $5.00.

The enhanced state edition is spiral-bound.

We accept cash, check, money order by mail to LPV, P.O.Box 2, Monticello, Indiana 47960. We will fill mail orders as quickly as possible. Usually allow about a week to ten days to receive your book.

Paypal by request...please contact us first.

Thank you.